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13 year old MIA has a secret: she sees color and music, due to a neurological condition called synesthesia where senses cross.


Adapted from the book by New York Times bestselling author Wendy Mass. Deck available upon request.

                        EZZY FISH

With one green eye and one blue, Ezzy (10) runs away with her teen sister Charlotte in this 1970's magical realism odyssey through the American Southwest.


Black List, Nicholl’s semi finalist, IFP/NY finalist, Cynosure finalist, Slamdance finalist, 

Film Independent Producer + Director Labs. 

Click image to view deck. 

                MOTHERHOOD INC

Emotional and legal obstacles entangle three women –  a military wife, an undocumented worker and a wealthy single woman - as they negotiate the complicated task of bringing a baby into this world through surrogacy. Click image to view deck. 

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